Fun Summer Inspirations

Aug 14th, 2015 HAIR CARE brittany2143 3 min read

I am loving this California summer weather and am always trying to find cute hair accessories to play around with. Helps any messy hairstyle look a little more chic rather than lazy hehe. These are few I came across and ordered & I want to share how adorable they are! I will put the links above each picture! The Crown Bun Pin  ​ Babys Breath Braid In’s ​ Big…

Drink your beauty- ISOTONIX

Aug 14th, 2015 HEALTHY RECIPE'S brittany2143 2 min read

Hi =) , I know Mondays are kind of a drag for most people but hopefully ya’ll have found something to be happy and positive about and are having an awesome- grateful day!!!! I have been taking Isotonix supplment powder for the past year now. Matt and I were recommended this by the nutritionist at a local gym in Tampa. This beauty blend is an inside-out approach to…

makeup talk

Aug 14th, 2015 MAKEUP brittany2143 9 min read

It has been a crazy week!!! Matt has been on the DL (disabled list- for those of you who don’t know lol) from a concussion that happened last week during the game… It was pretty scary! Once you have a concussion it is required that you go on the DL and the shortest amount of time is the 7 day… so needless to say we’ve been…

MAC lipsticks

Aug 14th, 2015 LIPS, MAKEUP brittany2143 3 min read

I have been looking forward to writing a blog specifically about my favorite lipsticks for sometime now! This is a fun post because I literally am OBSESSED with lipsticks, glosses, lip pencils, lip crayons, chapsticks, YOU NAME IT, i love it. Matt has gotten used to my sticky colorful kisses over the years and thank goodness because I cant stop 😉 I tend to buy…

Totally TONER

Aug 14th, 2015 SKIN CARE brittany2143 5 min read

So I always wondered if this step is that important? What are the benefits and do I really need to add another part to my skin care regimen? Toner, once a critical step in a less-complicated beauty world, has now gotten a rap of being outdated — at least when stacked up next to all the other action-packed options out there. So, what I have come to find…

Makeup Of the Day

Aug 14th, 2015 MAKEUP brittany2143 2 min read

Foundation: NARS all day luminous wear in 1.5 Concealer/under eye: Mac Prolong wear in Nw25, setting powder MAC prep and prime transparent finishing powder Bronzer: Benefit Hoola applied with Sephora face blender brush 134 Highlight: just got this and am obsessed, Laura Geller, Baked gelato Illuminator in Gilded Honey color. It is a powder highlight and almost goes on like a cream. Beautiful gold color….

Zen Your skin

Aug 14th, 2015 HEALTHY RECIPE'S, SKIN CARE brittany2143 1 min read

I  am far from a skin expert but these are a few things I try to do to keep my skin looking and feeling the best it can. ZEN YOUR SKIN! Everyone stresses now and again and it’s a fact that High levels of tension can spike hormone production that leads to breakouts. Take 10 minutes to chill and do a facial mask and just relax, every…

Gerard Cosmetics

Aug 14th, 2015 MAKEUP brittany2143 2 min read

Helllllloooo Beauties! I finally got my order in from Gerard Cosmetics. I have been wanting to try their 1995 lipstick for sometime now because the color looks so pretty in pictures. I usually get nervous with ordering products before trying them but this I couldn’t be happier with, absolutely love it!!!!! Added BONUS:  their lipsticks smell delicious! I ordered a couple different popular colors and my favorites are:…


Aug 14th, 2015 FACE MASKS, SKIN CARE brittany2143 1 min read

I know they look a little weird and I feel like Ms. Doubtfire BUT my skin feels super soft and firm after just one day! I recently ordered the Ms. SOHO 5 day Beautitox . It also comes with 3 Collagen cleansing/ eye-firming masks. I used the Day 1, Aloe Vera mask. This calms and soothes my skin. It targets any redness and fades blemishes, and begins…

All-Star Break in San Diego

Aug 14th, 2015 TRAVEL brittany2143 1 min read

I feel like we just moved over to the west coast for the season to start and now it’s already the half way mark… Time flies when you are having fun!!!! Matt works his butt off everyday at the field and we decided this year to go down to San Diego for a couple days and just relax. One day, most likely after baseball, we would…