Kensington is ONE!

I told my husband, “We don’t need a big party, she totally wont remember, we have enough going on, lets just do something small.”  Ya right! When the time got closer, I wanted to throw a party and celebrate our girl. I originally thought I should hire a party planner so I wasn’t all stressed and then I was like I got this, one step at a time… one amazon purchase at a time, it turned out exactly as I hoped. I love the vintage Circus theme so I tried to order props that matched. Golds, reds, blues, and yellows. We hired a clown, he floated around and mostly creeped out the adults but was great for the kids and put on a little magic show. A guy on stilts, who was my favorite! Watching the kids faces drop in awe seeing him was the best. He made crazy balloon hats for everyone. A bounce house which kept the kids busy pretty much the whole party. A food truck which was clutch because they literally take care of everything, plus it was delicious. We went with the Mr. C’s Grilled cheese truck and if you’re in the Tampa area you probably know of it. YUM!

The cake was by Elise’s Pieces and was the stand out part of the elaborate dessert table I put together. She is the same girl who did our wedding cake. 10 out of 10 recommend for your cake/ cookie needs!

I baked the other fun desserts and ordered decorations off Etsy and Amazon. We had to get creative with the other larger props.  If you have any questions please ask. =) Happy Birthday to our little angel.