I know not all of my readers have babies or already have grown children and are past this stage but I can only hope this helps anyone that plans on having children in the future as much as it has helped me. This carseat/stroller in one is a life changer. Kensington has been on 18 flights so far at only 7 months old, and I couldn’t have done it alone without this creative invention. I can stroll right through security put all of my belongings on the belt while she is still in the seat, instantly convert the stroller into the carseat and then take her out. I never need to ask for help, it literally takes 3 seconds. I see families in the airport struggling taking apart their strollers and fumbling around and I just feel bad that they don’t even realize how easy it can be. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone stopped me on the street to ask ” WHAT is that and where can I get it?” It is called the DOONA my friends and you’re welcome.



Quick and easy transfer.

Uber rides ( I am in a different state every other week and I don’t always want to bring a car seat base and huge everyday stroller along with, so this can easily be buckled in without a base.

Small, fits down most airplane isles.


Heavier then my UppaBaby carseat but thats obvious. Its a 2 in 1 and has wheels. But with how quick it is to turn to stroller, you rarely have to hold it anyway.

No storage or cup holder. However, you can buy the add on storage bag. I don’t even use mine because you have to take it off to convert. Kind of a pain. Plus, you can always have the Mommy clip on the handle in case you want to hold your purse or shopping bags.

In my opinion , the positives far outweigh the negatives. If you are a traveling Mama like myself or just like convenience, this stroller is my all time favorite baby must have.

I have the basic black but it comes in 7 different colors and you can view or order it here.


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