Warning!!!! This post might be a rant, I am on a long plane ride across the country, again. I am basically writing like a journal to you all. So just to catch you up. We are living in California, but this time in the Bay area. Cali is where I first started this blogging journey a couple years ago, that was when I had TOO much free time and I so enjoyed catching you up on my favorite makeup and skincare products. Then life happened..a wedding, move to Pittsburgh, back to Tampa for a short while, then Connecticut to escape the Zika while I was pregnant, move to Arizona (LOVE AZ btw- would so move there longterm one day), and now back in CA. Oh, and I’m sure most of my readers know our big news which is at this point old news, but there is a baby in the picture now, hence my lack of posting. She pretty much takes up all of my time and her name is Kensington Everly. ¬†She was born on January 10, 2017. Mom life is a life I had always knew I wanted and imagined and now that it’s here it’s almost unbelievable at times. Like I am a serious adult now and have a LIFE to take care of. It’s awesome and scary. I used to nanny and the moms would come home in their perfect house and cute little family and I would be like aww I cant wait. Well, its here and nuts to think about. Sometimes I want to freeze time and instead of taking pictures just close my eyes and tell myself to be in this exact moment because I can’t get it back. And sometimes I just want to close my eyes and actually keep them closed for longer than an hour lol. I was for sure spoiled with all the traveling for years by myself and naps at my leisure and now sleep is limited and I have taken a serious liking to strong coffee and Disney Jr. I know how lucky I am that I am able to be a stay at home mother right now and thankful that my husbands career allows me to do so. Even on the mornings where I am pretty much a zombie I try to remind myself that this is it, right here, what I’ve always imagined. But sheesh I am tired! Ok so right now, until October, we are on the opposite coast from LITERALLY ALL of our family and friends. With Matt traveling on the road the majority of these 6 months it can get lonely for sure. So when I’m not feeding our girl, changing diapers, walking the dogs, taking care of all the houses, packing and unpacking, (the list goes on you get it). I have finally got some time to get on here and tell you some of my new favorite things and some of the products I still love. I love sharing my go to’s/tips and hearing feedback from you guys. Even though I have slacked off with the blog I know some of you work hard and have even less time than myself; so if I can save you time and give you reviews on the newest trends then I’m here to help. Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to hear from me. Baby related, makeup, hair, whatever. I will try to keep up with posts consistently. It feels good to write and have something small that is my own so ya’ll are helping me at the same time. Stay tuned for my next post!