Lemon water does more than just give you clear skin people! I mean that’s why I drink it, BUT it is full of other benefits as well.  Drinking water especially warmer and in the AM will flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. I buy about 5-8 organic lemons a week and every morning before I eat, cut one in half and squeeze into my room temp water. Your skin will thank you!


I LOVE blueberries, I usually top my oatmeal with them! Frozen ones for my smoothies!


I am a texture person and will rarely just eat a banana plain. However, I enjoy the flavor so almost always get my banana nutrients through making a shake.  Increase your happiness, eat a banana! How easy is that?!


Save the best for last! An apple a day…. you know the saying. I hate when people say oh, you’re craving something sweet like chocolate, well eat some fruit instead! Like no, I want that cookie, I don’t want a damn apple. BUT I’m going to be that person and say fight the urge friends!! A is for Apple and Awesome Healthy Choice!