Let me just start off by letting everyone know I am not a professional in this category but I have received an overwhelming amount of requests lately for my diet and fitness plans, so I am here to help and give you an insight to my favorite healthy meals and favorite workouts. First off, I don’t think diet alone, or exercise alone works as best as combining BOTH into your daily routine. Exercise with a healthy diet is a more effective way to lose weight than depending on calorie restriction alone. And obviously exercising can lower your risks for certain diseases and cancer. I have always been “fit”, and I have my parents genes to thank for that. But as of late, I have been doing more of my favorite workouts, aerobic, weight training, and yoga. ( I will do a separate blog post for workouts and fitness) So we all know with social media, and society now a days and the way fitness is blowing up over the past couple years or so that exercise can surely help contribute to a sense of confidence and well-being, thus possibly lowering rates of anxiety and depression. Once you start producing results, it is the best feeling- you want it more and are more determined to change your lifestyle and image, if that is what you are striving for of course.  It takes a while for a routine to develop and to get motivated in the gym or to change your eating habits, well for me anyway, mainly because I LOVE sweets but there are always healthy alternatives. I will do my best to put up our exact household recipe’s more often. Sorry guys this blogging takes longer than you think. Lets start with diet…

Avocado Toast: I have eaten this for breakfast literally the past week and a half.

One over medium cooked egg on top of whole wheat toast and top with a smashed up half or whole avocado, add salt and pepper. Sometimes I add sliced tomato or turkey bacon.

Ground LEAN turkey: (meal prep: less than 5 minutes, cook time: 5-10 minutes) Fast and delicious> one of my favorite meals, for lunch or dinner.

Grill 1.5 lb of lean turkey on the stovetop. Add diced tomato, and spicy deli style mustard. Quinoa is optional. I prefer without but Matt likes to add it.

FIT for life: This is a simple recipe but one of our go to healthy dinners.

I buy 2 chicken breasts and cut into small pieces with scissors, literally scissors, it is quicker and I like to cut off all the fat, scissors are easier than a knife in my opinion. (just make sure to really clean after you use lol). Cook chicken over stovetop- you can add low sodium soy sauce, or salt and pepper, onion powder, or garlic powder. Cook brown rice and broccoli separate. Then mix it all together, occasionally I will add chalula to spice it up.

PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! Thanks xoxoxo