Ok so I may not be a wife yet, but I mean pretty close, January 23 wedding date set ahhhhhh.. and with the new WAG show coming out recently I decided to share my opinion on it all. I’m not sure if being a football WAG is completely different from this baseball world but we sure as shit aren’t on yachts all the time and aren’t blowing thousands of dollars every week on jewelry that we don’t need, and don’t have cameras set up on our men. I mean I can guarantee SOME of the couples do have lifestyles like that and hey to each his own, I am not judging. For those of you who don’t care about baseball or the long season, the journey and all that comes with it, you are more than welcome to stop reading. BUT for those of you who do keep up with it and who do think its interesting I’m more than glad to share the real WAG world.

I played softball for 7 years and love the sport, so finding my dream guy and watching him do what he loves and actually understanding and appreciating the game is awesome! Matt is 31 which is not super old for the game but also not the youngest and competition is fierce! He originally got drafted to the Detroit Tigers and then played on the Rays for a number of years, where he was the home town guy. He is from Tampa, and one of very few in the league who actually got to play in the city where they are from. This past off-season he got traded to the Angels, which is why for the past 6 months we’ve lived out here in Orange County, CA. So although I LOVE California and was anxious for the move I had also recently went back to school for my second degree and finished and got my elementary teaching certificate for FL and was SO excited to start and about 2 weeks later was when Matt got traded. So here’s the thing, you struggle between the I don’t want to follow you around, I want my own thing, my own passion, follow my own dreams…but at the end of the day whats most important to me is having my best friend by my side. NO matter what. I left behind all my friends and family in Connecticut when I originally moved to Tampa 5 years ago. I am not the person who could build a house in their parents backyard and be happy staying in one place forever, I have moved more than once and made friends, genuine life long friends in every place. It might not be easy, all the moving and being alone when Matt is on the road but change can be good and for those of you ladies who are in a similar situation like myself, stay with it and remember whats most important to you!!!

Baseball is a wild ride! This year Matt had his worst year yet and he is a free agent so God only knows what is in our near future. He comes home every night and is stressed about not having the playing time like in the past but he understands he needs to play better. My man is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Coming to a new city, new teammates, new manager, new setting, getting so many chances and not performing to the best of your ability is heartbreaking and on top of it all taking the HARSH criticism from people out there on twitter and social media is HARD to take and I give him so much credit. There is nothing I HATE worse than bullies and people sitting behind their computers telling these athletes things they would NEVER say to their face. It sometimes gets me more mad than him but then I always remember he is working and getting the opportunity to do something he absolutely loves and has since he was young and that’s all that really matters.

We set a rule years ago saying we would never go more than 2 weeks apart, and with their busy schedule that sometimes gets tough, so in the beginning of the season we usually pick a few of our favorite cities so I can travel with him. I don’t travel every road trip because A its expensive, B he needs some time with him teammates, and C we have 3 dogs at home. And really- don’t tell him but honestly I like the time apart sometimes because it gives us chances to miss each other and yearn to see each other again. I may not attend every game because I work part-time and like to have some time for myself and my friends but I like to think I am his biggest fan and biggest supporter..He will get there, WE will get there, and I want to support him every step of the way 🙂 With this season coming to an end, I just wanted to fill you in on this years journey, hasn’t been what we hoped and prayed for but hey that happens sometime, right?!

So much to look forward to this off season; getting married to my best friend, partying with all our loved ones, getting back to subbing and teaching kiddos, spending time with family, and honeymooning across the world just being in love and hopeful for the next step and change that comes our way. HAVE FAITH! BE HAPPY! BE POSITIVE!