Who doesn’t love traveling?! There is SO much out in our world and I want to see it all!!!!! If I could be in a different state, or country every other week I would. I live to meet new people, try new things, stay in gorgeous hotels, and check out the “coolest” and also the secret hidden places while on vacations. OH And eat, EVERYTHING I can 🙂 I think its safe to say that we obviously all wish that A) we had an abundant amount of money because lets face it vacations are NOT cheap, especially if you want to travel the right way… and B) Time- finding the time and taking off from our normal working everyday lives -& plus it takes a jillion hours just to reach some of the most fabulous destinations. But it is worth it!

I have never posted about our trip to Europe last winter and I would love to share our experience with ya’ll. We went to Rome, Florence, and Venice! We then ended the trip in Paris, France. Personally, I enjoyed Italy over Paris. In Italy wine was ridiculously cheap, we ordered house wines everywhere we went and they were all a 10/10 delicious, with NO hangover.

ROME- Lucky for me- My favorite food is Italian, I love almost any ziti, spaghetti, or meatballs! And Rome had amazing pasta; our favorite dinner spot was called Trattoria Tritone. It was divine! I loved the shopping in Rome, lots of hidden boutiques at a decent price. The Colosseum was one of my favorite places we visited on the entire trip. Something about all that history gave me the chills! MUST see sightsThe Pantheon, The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain

FLORENCE- was the biggest surprise for me. It was probably the place I was least excited about and I enjoyed the most. It was stunning! MUST see: Duomo The Florence Cathedral was breathtaking!, Piazza Della Signoria, and if your into museums like us, the Uffizi Gallery!

VENICE- This was always on my list for places I wanted to visit and it really was incredibly beautiful, amazing how a city is built entirely around water. Walking around the windy streets just made me feel some type of way 🙂 🙂  I cant explain other than just blissfully happy and in love. However, after the first full day/night, we were looking up flights to Amsterdam just to try something new because we were already bored and still had 3 days left. Everything closes super early -zero nightlife. Which is totally fine, it is a very romantic/relaxing city. It also rained almost every day we were there. But gorg none the less! MUST see: Saint Mark’s Basilica-hundreds and hundreds of birds- and they will just land on you if you have food- we got some pretty cool pictures here) and DUH take a gondola ride, & Piazza San Marco. Venice is extremely small, so you can pretty much see everything worth seeing if you just walk around and wander. We stayed at the cutest Hotel, called the Ca Dei Conti.

PARIS- HUGE!! I didn’t realize how big and spread out the city actually was… I was probably most excited for Paris and oddly enough, it was my least favorite part of the trip. I wish we could have gone when it was warmer because I was frozen the whole time! The Eiffle tower and the Louve were our favorite spots. I could spend 2 whole days in the Louve  and still not see everything. I learned so much and I recommend renting the guide on tape. Ah I want to go back, what a perfect day! I made a love lock and surprised Matt on the famous love lock bridge; which I hear they are tearing down now lol soooo… Food was amazing in Paris as well! I didn’t do to much shopping like I had hoped, mainly because of time and wanting to fit everything else in but also because most of the stores they have there are exactly the ones we have here in the U.S.  Visit Notre Dame and the Museum d’Orsay. This may be weird for some people but one place I couldn’t wait to visit in Paris were the Catacombs, which is the worlds largest grave, with about 6 million people buried underground. I hate to use the word ‘awesome’ to describe this, but it was a chilling sight to see, thats for sure!!!! If your ever in Paris and are kinda a creep like me, go check it out!

& Fun fact: It was sprinkling the night we decided to go to the top of the Eiffle tower and obviously there is an elevator to get back down but of course I was like, “babe lets just walk down the stairs it’s BARLEY raining, plus when can you say you walked down the Eiffle tower?” 5 minutes later he fell down the stairs pretty bad, and was sooo mad at me! Like I did not think he would actually fall! Oops, so now I love to tell the story of the time Matt fell down the Eiffle tower! Not funny then, funny now, lol!


I don’t have too many pictures uploaded from our camera but Check out some cool Pics !