So I always wondered if this step is that important? What are the benefits and do I really need to add another part to my skin care regimen? Toner, once a critical step in a less-complicated beauty world, has now gotten a rap of being outdated — at least when stacked up next to all the other action-packed options out there. So, what I have come to find out is that no, not everyone needs to use a toner, but it is essential for people with oily or acne prone skin.
Toners tighten the pores while removing any traces of dirt and oil still left on your skin after cleansing. It calms irritated skin and provides a layer of hydration. After cleansing, what your skin needs is a range of ingredients that restore and repair its surface. Skin can never get too much of these important ingredients, which include antioxidants and skin-repairing substances. The right toner can give your skin a healthy dose of what it needs to look younger, fresher, and smoother, right after cleansing and throughout the day.
I pour Obaji toner on a square cotton pad and swipe it across my face after I cleanse at night, followed by any serum and moisturizer.
If you aren’t really all that oily or don’t ever get breakouts you can just add a mild toning spritz like the rosewater mists I love.
These are the 3 I use and LOVE:
You can pick up the Botanics at Target and its only 7$. It is very easy to just spray directly on the face throughout the day!
Link to order Jurlique Toner