It has been a crazy week!!! Matt has been on the DL (disabled list- for those of you who don’t know lol) from a concussion that happened last week during the game… It was pretty scary! Once you have a concussion it is required that you go on the DL and the shortest amount of time is the 7 day… so needless to say we’ve been spending so much more time together this week and I am remembering what date nights and a routine feel like when the off season comes around.  Although the situation sucks, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love having him around the house and staying home from the road trip. Because he was a little shaken up and sore, the first few days consisted of staying home with the pups and watching prison break and laying out at the pool. By the way that show is addicting! Once he felt a little better, we went for runs with the dogs, hikes, Huntington dog beach a couple times ( which is like the coolest place on planet earth if you have a dog!) tons of shopping (every corner in Orange County has a different unique shopping district- its awesome but annoying at the same time, obviously because that’s all I wanna do!!! ) We went to Downtown Disney, the movies to see the new Mission Impossible; we got a couples massage at our fav spot, Ajasrika, even completed a puzzle, we bought a boardgame called Sratego which is SO fun and competitive…& Basically took him to a number of different spots that he hasn’t been able to visit since we’ve been in Cali because he has to go to the field everyday.

He is going back to work & the real world tomorrow and I myself am babysitting a lot this upcoming week, something I like to do to keep myself busy while I am here since I can’t teach in the summertime. I have also been doing a crazy amount of wedding planning! I have booked the cake, photography, venue, dress!!!! so excited to show everyone…its gorgeous, invitations, menu, linens, FLORIST, picked out the bridesmaid dresses!! I think I am in pretty good shape. {I’m not sure if this is exciting to anybody but the bride honestly lol BUT just sharing what I’ve been up to}…I thought at first I was going to want a planner but I have genuinely enjoyed picking out every little part myself. Weddings are crazy because they are so insanely expensive and its over after a few hours so I’m trying to just enjoy every minute of the planning process as well. My girls are awesome and have been helping immensely. I cannot wait for my bachelorette in December, even though I have no idea where it is going to be, they are keeping it a surprise. All I know is, it’s going to be  amazingggg, I wouldn’t care if we partied in my backyard, I just can’t wait to have all my best friends from all over the US, together, at the same time!!!!! eeeeeeee! I don’t really ever just sit back and write like I am right now but I like it!
OK, on to makeup…… the fun stuff!!!!
In the past week or so I got a few new MUST have products I want to share with you…
     –First and foremost, the Kevyn Aucoin, Sensual Skin Enhancer in shade sx08, which is a medium beige with gold undertones. I use this as a concealer for under eyes or to conceal any spots but you can also use it as a foundation. It has such good coverage and I mean it when I say you need a pin head amount for 1 eye. The product is very thick, which I haven’t loved in past products, like the  Benefit erase paste. But this Kevyn Aucoin works wonders!!!!! It spreads so nice and evenly and really brightens up my under eyes. It is infused with jojoba and honey, it works to hydrate the skin, and it is formulated with minerals that support the skin and is sweat proof and long-lasting wear. Once I set the concealer it lasted me ALL DAY and  the best part about this stuff is that it  still looks so fresh looking, like I just did my makeup. I ordered it from Sephora’s website because they don’t carry it in the store. I was interested in it because they talked about it in the Master Class, Kim K’s makeup artist Mario uses this product on her. It did not disappoint and the medium color matches me perfectly!!!!
    — I have been seeing Laura Mercier loose setting translucent powder for a while now and just haven’t bought it because I already like my Mac setting powder but for the past couple days I have been using Laura Mercier, and I definitely like the velvety satin finish and recommend it, if you don’t already have one you are attached to that is. It doesn’t settle into any lines and is very sheer and it has a unique light-reflecting ingredient that creates a soft-focus apperance that smoothes my skin!
     — Mac eye shadow in -Blanc type- shade. I wanted -Brule- but they were out… I have been wanting a white, beige matte color and this is exactly what I was looking for. If I’m just doing a simple everyday look I can put this over the painterly Mac pot on my entire lid.
    –I love keeping my evian spray in my bag, especially in the summer. If I’m out and about all day running errands, out at the pool or beach, it’s a must have!! It instantly refreshes, tones, and hydrates my dry skin. Nice lil pick me up!
     —YSL powder blur skin perfecter to bronze and contour. This little compact was too pretty not to pick up!! I have never used YSL makeup products so this is the first and I rate it like a 6.5 out of 10. I think I like the idea of it more then when I actually used it… if that makes sense. I tend to get oily sometimes after a few hours maybe because I have been living in such hot places… I usually use blotting papers, which I always have in my purse. This blur skin compact reminds me of blotting papers but it adds a soft sun kissed glow. It is a balm-to-powder healthy formula and is not overly shimmery. The complexion is immediately refined: pores appear diminished, imperfections are disguised, skin feels wayyyy smoother and more radiant. It comes with a dual-ended applicator and it can be used to create two signature finishes: either wear it sheer using the brush which I like better or build up to a more extreme contoured look using the sponge. It is a super lightweight formula & glides onto the skin leaving a silky matte finish. I got it in shade 4.

I put the links above to order!
 Have a great week! xoxoxox -B