It’s as easy as turning on a light switch! I ordered the illumasks for both acne and anti-aging. I don’t have real “acne” or any real apparent signs of aging at the moment, thankfully! However, if these masks are proven to benefit my overall skin appearance in the long run then I am all in, no harm in starting early to protect our best asset-our skin! These masks are full faced- hands free masks that you don’t even need to plug in, so I can use them while I’m watching TV and just relaxing. They are timed and turn off after 15 minutes and it comes with a counter to show you how many uses you have left. (They each are good for 30 uses.)  $1 per use not bad compared to the hundreds of dollars you can easily drop at med spas or doctor offices on IPL, laser genesis, or micro treatments- these masks are incredibly affordable! Only downfall…My dogs and Matt look at me like I’m a crazy person lol but the results are worth it!

The anti aging mask stimulates enzymes to boost skin cell turnover, increasing circulation and improving overall skin health. It increases production of collagen and elastin so skin is firmer, smoother, more elastic and youthful. It is proven to repair skin cells to diminish discoloration, redness, swelling and inflammation and evens skin texture.

The acne masks blue light kills acne bacteria on and below the skin surface to clear-up blemishes. The red light helps repair skin cells to diminish swelling and inflammation for a more even skin tone.

Hellooooo, CLEAR Beautiful SKIN!!!!