Since I don’t eat vegetables daily, I at least try to buy or make my own juice everyday. I use the Bella Juice extractor and it works great for me. I’m pretty sure I got it at Target. Most days I use more fruit then veggies because well, it just tastes better.
My fav juice recipe; that Matt calls B’s juice lol 😉 :
– Spinach
– Red grapes
– Pineapple ( I usually always add this because it helps make even the healthiest juices a little sweeter, which I like or else its hard for me to drink)
– Ginger (very small amt- def dont need alot, unless u absolutley love ginger… which I dont)
– 2 red apples
– 2-3 carrots
– 1-2 stalks of celery
sooooooo good!
2 other good ones:
-2 red apples
-lemon ( don’t need too much, I only use about 1/2 of a lemon, very overpowering)