I have dirty blonde/medium brown hair naturally, with a hint of red- that is totally more noticeable in the sun. My eyebrows are still so light so I have to darken them to match my hair now. I can’t seem to ever get the exact color I want grrr; one day I’m sure I want to be a brunette and the next I am saving pictures on my phone of different shades of blonde I want to try in the future. Just not sure if I can pull that off,  my hair is pretty dry which is why it’s better I have dark hair so my split ends wont show as much.
For yearsss I have been using a 1 inch flat iron to style my hair after I blow dry it. I think using the flat iron to style works better than the curling irons I have and the wavy curls stay longer. I rarely wear it pin straight because I LOVE volume. I dont need to wash my hair for like 3 days and it’s awesome because I hate doing it and I wouldnt want to everyday. My hair takes For Ev eRRR to dry. I can seep with it wet and when I wake up and it’s still soaked. I take biotin everyday and I definitely notice it helps keep my hair growing, despite all the heat damage I put it through.
These are the products I use:
Shampoo- Moroccan Oil Extra Volume
Conditioner: Biolage Conditioning Balm for Dry Hair
Styling Products:
I add all of these things when my hair is damp.
-Moroccan Oil ( I only apply to middle throughout my ends, I never want to weigh the hair at my root down)
Its a 10 Miracle Leave in Product  $18 ( Literally does work miracles! Favorite product for my hair! If I could only use one, I would use this, when I travel I don’t bring all these things and I sometimes have to use that crappy hotel shampoo and conditioner but as long as I bring this my hair will still feel soft, I spray this about 5-6 times and focus on my ends mostly, HIGHLY recommend)
-Moroccan oil volumizing mousse
-KMS Free Shape Blow Dry spray( I spray this on right before I am about to blow dry, I have so much hair and it takes forever to blowout so this helps with cutting down my blow dry time, and it smells so awesome!