Helllllloooo Beauties!
I finally got my order in from Gerard Cosmetics. I have been wanting to try their 1995 lipstick for sometime now because the color looks so pretty in pictures. I usually get nervous with ordering products before trying them but this I couldn’t be happier with, absolutely love it!!!!! Added BONUS:  their lipsticks smell delicious! I ordered a couple different popular colors and my favorites are:
The 1995 lipstick. It glides on so nicely and the shade is a perfect mauve and it smells like I want to eat it!! lol
-Buttercup lipstick (It is a little bit of a lighter shade than what I normally like and wear, but it’s a pretty pale pink shade that I will start mixing in.
 –Nude gloss, stunning!! so shiny. I have it on over the 1995 lipstick in the picture directly below.