I have had a couple girls e-mail me about starting to film actual makeup tutorials. I am going to start soon, so stay tuned!!!!
     If your anything like me, you’ll come across pictures and be like, ” HOWWWW do they get it so clear and flawless, what is the secret? ahhhh, my pics suck!”  lol…I can’t keep up with all these makeup guru’s out there in our image-rich, visually inspired society by just taking pictures and makeup selfies on my iphone. They just aren’t clear and you can barley see any actual detail. Between Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and the countless number of beauty blogs out there it makes you want to have sharper, more clear, deatiled images. Basically in order to make your photos something beyond basic you need to invest in a professional camera and learn about all the different settings, lighting, etc. I read review after review on the most popular DSLR cameras on the market and decided to go with the Canon 70D and I have my thoughtful future hubby to thank!! Yay, first “big girl” camera!
     I LOVE photography so I am super psyched to put this bad boy to good use. I will be learning about all the different lens and hopefully I can get the hang of it quickly and create some beautiful pictures and memories. If at any time in the future anyone is interested, I will post more about the settings or specific lens used and all that, just ask!
goodnight friends!!!