I know they look a little weird and I feel like Ms. Doubtfire BUT my skin feels super soft and firm after just one day!
I recently ordered the Ms. SOHO 5 day Beautitox . It also comes with 3 Collagen cleansing/ eye-firming masks.
I used the Day 1, Aloe Vera mask. This calms and soothes my skin. It targets any redness and fades blemishes, and begins to activate and regenerate cells.
Day 2, grape, powerfully nourishes to reduce fine lines & restores firmness
Day 3, blackberry, extracts dirt, detoxes pores, and balances oils in the skin
Day 4, fig, softens, brightens, shines the complexion
Day 5, green olive, replaces moisture, hydrates & refreshes while supplying and reserving collagen.
You can order any of these products at www.mssoho.com
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