I have not blogged much the past week because I have been busy in the SAUNA everyone else calls Arizona. Matt is rehabbing out here and I came along for a little vaca, headed back to California tomorrow because I cannot stand to be away from my dog babies for this long!
Any who, being here in this 110 + dry heat has prompted me to talk a little bit about dry skin. I have always been more on the dryer side as opposed to oily. I do my best to drink water like crazy and that really does make the most difference. Drinking enough water for your body, especially in really hot climates, will help more than any skin product out there.
Getting the right amount of sleep is also extremely important. Hey it happens, there will always be those days where I am up later than normal for whatever reason or those dreadful mornings you may need to wake up before the sun is up and just don’t feel well-rested or at your best, and when that happens my skin shows it. Recently, I got an idea off pintrest to help with this and I want to share with ya’ll!
First, brew a cup of natural green tea.
Pour the tea into ice cube trays.
For those days where your puffy-sleepy eyes need some love, >>apply the cube to your dark circles and the caffeine and ice combo will reduce swelling and excess fluid around your eyes.
Hope this helps.
Have a fabulous Friday.