Knowing the best products for your skin type, how they specifically benefit you and which order to use them is very important. With all the face wash, serums, toners, eye-creams, prescriptions, lotions, heavy creams- it gets exhausting. If you have multiple skincare concerns, like me, you may need to add more than one treatment product to your regimen. I have certainly found out that some experimenting is necessary to figure out which products I should alternate and what products will keep my skin looking the best it can. The chart below is a helpful 7 step guide to show you the correct and most beneficial steps when using your skincare products. 

Side note: MAKE SURE YOU ARE WASHING YOUR PILLOWCASES REGULARLY. I don’t have many breakouts but when they do come around I HATE IT, no one wants to feel self-conscious about their skin. To be on the extra safe side, I use a special pillowcase for blemish prone skin. It is infused with tea tree, lemon, lavender, and bamboo fibers. The smell was strong the first few nights but very therapeutic at the same time. I will add the link to order below.

NufaBrx Pillowcase for Blemish Prone skin

Hope this step by step guide helps all of you get one step closer to glowing clear skin! Enjoy xoxo